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Gone are the days when people had to always physically move out of the house and go to the shopping malls, arcades , supermarkets or shops to buy goods.The world has evolved that a big percentage of the shopping for all type of Goods ranging from groceries, cosmetics, electronics,etc is being done online buy just a simple click.

The internet is a powerful tool that has made life simpler.Now you are able to order goods and services from the comfort of your sitting room or even the bed.Goods are delivered to the customer’s doorstep without any hassle. is here to bridge the gap between the customers and sellers,we help sellers put their goods closer to millions of  customers and help the customers find a variety of goods to compare to before they make the choice to buy. Therefore we maximize the benefits of both the sellers and buyers.

Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer struggling with low sales In the Ugandan Market or the wider East and Central African market? is here to help you expand your horizons by enabling you to reach more customers within your locality, nationally and internationally.

We can sell a range of different products on our website ranging from baby clothes, ladies clothes,kids clothes, mens clothes, jewelry, beauty products, and many more as long as they satisfy the company’s terms and conditions.

Advantages of selling on our website.

  • Our website is SEO optimized ,  it will help you reach hundreds of thousands of customers both locally and internationally.
  • We have other associated social networks ie @jbabyshop1 on facebook and instagram which will help to further increase the reach of your products.
  • High Ranking website on google search so your products will easily be spotted by customers.
  • Secure website ,all your transactions are safe.
  • We charge a low cost off the sales made hence help you increase your earnings.
  • We provide you with data about your products which will help you to focus on what makes more money for you.
  • We help you set up ads to advertise your goods on google and other social networks which will help to increase your sales.
  • Our digital marketing strategies can help you target the different market segments at given periods of time. Ie Age, Gender, Nationality, Language, etc.lp you target specific market segments depending on the products that you sell ie. Age,Gender,Language, Nationally,Geographical location,device type it.

How to get started

  • Write to us letting us know the type of goods you would like to sell on the website
  • We shall review your goods if they don’t violate our terms and conditions.
  • You will have to read and sign the seller agreement.
  • Once your goods are Okayed you will be required to send us clear photos of the goods with their descriptions, prices and other measurements.
  • The products shall be uploaded to the websites for the customers to buy.

How it works

  • Once the customer buys one of your products from the website, we shall notify you to deliver the goods to our store for packing and shipment at the earliest.
  • After the goods have been delivered to the customer. 
  • We shall collect the total amount of the transaction from the customer including product price, packing cost, shipping cost and any other cost involved.
  • In some instances you will be required to package and ship directly to the customer. 
  • For all products, is eligible for  Referral Fee percentage calculated on the total sales price. We charge 10% of the cost of the goods sold. Please note that the amount charged may vary depending on the product.

Fill  the below form to get started selling online with us. we promise a ROI of more than 100% .